Saqib Soomro and the ancient collectable items he possesses

The definition of collectible in the mind of Mr. Saqib Soomro:

Collectibles!! A term which is synonymous with Saqib Soomro. When you visit the place that he lives in, you would be able to clearly distinguish how ardent of a lover he is for the collectibles. When being inquired upon with Mr. Saqib, he states that the definition of collectible according to him is getting in possession, or acquiring a thing, which is irreplaceable, not in the monetary terms, but in the artistic and intrinsic terms of value it possesses. And moreover the satisfaction a person, or a collector acquires or he derives by the acquisition of these priceless items. It may seem very comprehensive and complex to be seen at first, but putting in terms of a layman language, it clearly means that having an item which is very close to the heart that you won’t even give it away for a hefty sum to money too, and you will go to any lengths to get that item for yourself.

Mr. Saqibsoomro and his knowledge of history:

History is very vast terminology. When we look inside the term we see its many aspects and many branches. One of the branch of history is the ancient collectible items which were used by the old emperors and kings in their time. When inquired to Mr. SaqibSoomro about the ancient collectable items he has, he smiled and said that, before the acquisition of such items, one must possess the knowledge for history and the passion for having collectable items as such. Moreover he states that these collectable do not come cheap, history is priceless according to him, but the items that hold a heritage to them comes with a price, and it is never ever cheap. So one must possess the amount required to buy such items for them.

The items that Mr. S. Ahmed Soomro possesses:

When we asked Mr. Saqib about the items he owns, he said that if you open up his locker of his cupboard you will come across many items as such. For instance he owns a skull which is dated 4000 BC back and it belongs to the King Mastron the IVth. He said that he had to travel to the city if Santorini, Greece just to acquire this master piece of art which set him back at 300,000 US Dollars. He told us that the best and the most expensive collectible ancient items he has is the Axe of Prince Monafasto the 11th. It dates back to 3400 AD which he bought from the ruins of Egypt. He paid a hefty price of one million US dollars just to acquire that masterpiece of art which is called the Axe of the heavens, because it has a divine power associated with it.


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