5 types of antique furniture collections

Silver furniture
Silver antiquities are must haves when it comes to antique furniture. Mr Saqib Soomro let us in on a secret place from where he procures some of the most amazing silver items. Secretively underground, housed amidst vaulted walls, there is nothing quite like the beyond belief and incredible collections of superior antique silver in the Silver Vaults. Located in London, this market is a dream place for any antique procurer, with every period, design, age, era and style represented. Jewelry, tables, chairs, silver apothecary tables, door knobs holders and candle stands, you name it you will find it; gorgeous antique silver furniture to embellish your house. All the dealers have authentic and original pieces and each individual piece id authenticated by specialists after following a series of steps. This is in all its essence a one of a kind treasure trove of classic and traditional English silver craftsmanship.
Hepplewhite furniture
This neoclassical style of delicate and intricate designs, conical legs, divergent veneers and decorative comfort define the furniture of that era the best. This style was developing from 1765 till the 1800’s. The Hepplewhite furniture style includes some of the most favorite designs of Mr. Saqib Soomro as they are comfortable yet breathtakingly stunning.
Jacobean furniture
The Jacobean era refers to the phase in Scottish and English history that collides with the period of influence of James the fourth of Scotland . This era is from 1567 to 1625. In 1603, James also inherited the crown of England.  The Jacobean era succeeds the Elizabethan era and comes before the Caroline era, and is frequently used for the distinguishable styles of Jacobean furniture and architecture, visual art and decorative arts, literature and writings which characterized and define that historical  period.  The work of arts including visual arts, architecture and furniture had notable style as they were three dimensional. To copy and give the effect of Asian lacquer, most of the furniture was painted black. Some of Mr Saqib Soomro’s favorite pieces belonged to the Jacobean era especially the set of trestle tables. He has used them to adorn his house and is very proud of them.
The Victorian Era Furniture
Dark and intricate finishing, sophisticated embellishments and curvaceous, strong lines define the furniture of the Victorian era the best.
The William and Mary Era Furniture
From 1690 till 1735 was the William and Mary era of stunning furniture. Most of the furniture from that era has obvious Dutch and Chinese influences. There were lots of trumpet styled legs and lowers, Spanish ball feet, dark contrasting colors and intricate Oriental lacquer-work. Baroque is another name used for the William and Mary style. This term is used mostly in historic museums and by historians to define the furniture from that era. William and Mary were from Holland and ruled Ireland, Scotland and England together. The dove-tail technique was very popular during those times, to join furniture pieces together and so lots of the furniture from that time has this technique incorporated. The furniture from that era was gorgeous and luxurious yet very comfortable. The furniture style from that time continued to evolve even in the colonial American times. This the first era of furniture styles to move away from the Jacobean style that was fashionable previously.


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