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Since that fact is world knows that he is an ardent lover to things that are antique in nature and alongside that he is also a collector of antiques from all over the world. When being inquired upon he told us that he chooses for his online shopping needs of furniture and other stuff, further he told us that what things you can buy from here.
Precious stones He said that this website specializes in the old age precious stones and ornaments that had been worn by the kings and queens of the past era. From the dynasty of Zeus to the dynasty of Alexander the great, you can find all kinds of ornaments on this online shopping store. If you are lucky enough you may get your hands on the ornaments by the Aphrodite and others as well.
Furniture This place also possesses the furniture of the bygone era he added. You can get yourself the best antique items of furniture that was used by the Mughals to the Kings of Macedonia as well. From antique chairs to the antique table to…

5 types of antique furniture collections

Silver furniture Silver antiquities are must haves when it comes to antique furniture. Mr Saqib Soomro let us in on a secret place from where he procures some of the most amazing silver items. Secretively underground, housed amidst vaulted walls, there is nothing quite like the beyond belief and incredible collections of superior antique silver in the Silver Vaults. Located in London, this market is a dream place for any antique procurer, with every period, design, age, era and style represented. Jewelry, tables, chairs, silver apothecary tables, door knobs holders and candle stands, you name it you will find it; gorgeous antique silver furniture to embellish your house. All the dealers have authentic and original pieces and each individual piece id authenticated by specialists after following a series of steps. This is in all its essence a one of a kind treasure trove of classic and traditional English silver craftsmanship. Hepplewhite furniture
This neoclassical style of delicate and i…

Saqib Soomro and the ancient collectable items he possesses

The definition of collectible in the mind of Mr. Saqib Soomro:
Collectibles!! A term which is synonymous with Saqib Soomro. When you visit the place that he lives in, you would be able to clearly distinguish how ardent of a lover he is for the collectibles. When being inquired upon with Mr. Saqib, he states that the definition of collectible according to him is getting in possession, or acquiring a thing, which is irreplaceable, not in the monetary terms, but in the artistic and intrinsic terms of value it possesses. And moreover the satisfaction a person, or a collector acquires or he derives by the acquisition of these priceless items. It may seem very comprehensive and complex to be seen at first, but putting in terms of a layman language, it clearly means that having an item which is very close to the heart that you won’t even give it away for a hefty sum to money too, and you will go to any lengths to get that item for yourself.
Mr. Saqibsoomro and his knowledge of history:
History …

Mr. Saqib Soomro designed his own home furniture all by himself

Mr. Saqib Soomro’s artistic mindset over the home furniture: Mr. Saqib Soomro is an ardent art love and he craves art in every which way he could see in his room, to his car, to his balcony to the way he dresses, everything speaks for itself. Same goes for the furniture that we saw in his home and he couldn’t help our self but to ask him the ideology behind having such a great looking furniture in his home, which caught everyone’s eye that saw it for the first time. From the cushions to the leather covering to the wooden work everything in his furniture speaks for itself. It’s unarguably that kind of a furniture over which a person would drool more than just sitting or relaxing on it. When asked upon this question, Mr. Saqib Soomro said that every inch of the furniture he owns, every bit and piece of it is designed by himself only according to the requirements he mentioned to the craftsmen he hired or outsourced.
Mr. Saqib Soomro and the wooden art furniture he possesses: As we went to…

Saqib Soomro

Who is Saqib Ahmed Soomro?
Currently the Administrator, Karachi, SaqibAhmed Soomro comes from a long line of the influential Soomro family from Shikarpur. Born in 1961, in Shikarpur, Pakistan, to Mr. Akhtar Muhammad Soomro and Mrs. Bilquis Soomro, Saqib Ahmed Soomro is the man known and awarded for recovering the largest stolen amount in the history of the Karachi Airport. He was awarded a Gold Medal from the Government for this feat. He also bagged the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) title under his belt. He is a Civil Administrator and a Doctor.
He is an ordinary man with an extraordinary combination of passions. He is a World Traveller, loves history, culture, and food, and is passionate about Wood Art Furniture. Yes, he even makes furniture. Some of his collected antique items, and some of his own hand carved furniture is a treat to check out and follow.
Family Background
His father served in the police department and retired in PSP Cadre Grade 19, in 1992. His mother, Mrs. Bilquis …